One summer day, I opened the screen door when returning from work, where a wayward bee had been trapped between the front door and the screen door, probably all day long. The ‘whoosh’ of the door opening apparently angered the bee (who was technically trespassing on my property, [and oh yeah, damn lucky I didn’t press… » 4/17/15 8:29pm Friday 8:29pm

I'm absolutely convinced no one gives a damn about the announcement that he's running for president, because I read it on the internet. » 4/14/15 5:42pm Tuesday 5:42pm

I'm actually seventeen copies of one person named Gloria Allred. I have been cloned sixteen times, and I refuse to reveal the prime Gloria Allred. I can represent at least seventeen clients at one time, which explains how I do so, as every high-profile case that comes up in the news I am able to represent. » 3/30/15 2:28am 3/30/15 2:28am

First, I was fascinated by the animation, then I was fascinated to learn there is a town called 'Hominy' that was almost blown off the map. » 3/25/15 7:34pm 3/25/15 7:34pm